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Acerca de mi

Brought up in New Delhi, I grew up travelling and living in various parts of the world like Germany, Russia, USA & Dubai, thanks to my father's work as a banker. With exposure to these beautiful cultures, I came to find a common thread that brings us all together, Love. I enjoyed the various ways we express our deep desire to feelloved and create a community that mirrors the same values. As I grew up this, I began suffering with hormonal imbalances in my body. After attending a thetahealing session, I was completely freed from it.  The technique worked like magic and the teachings in Thetahealing completely resonated with my core and cultural understanding of life and the Creator of All That Is. And thus I embarked on this magical journey, allowing it to heal and subtantially improve all aspects of my life including my health, finances, career, relationshpis and the list can go on!
Thetahealing for me is a way of life and the wisdom I share as a facilitator comes from the hands-on experience of having witnessed many instantaneous healing take place with my clients and in my life as well. I now practice as a Thetahealing Instructor in Dubai and travel the world to share this beautiful wisdom that can awaken souls to their highest potential, just as it did for me. 

acreditaciones adicionales

Studied Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience from Northeastern University, Boston. Exponential Coach & CTI Coach, Creator of energy healing modality called Angel Light Healing.


"Thetahealing courses with Vansa is a pure blessing and life experience."

Lise Simone

"I love learning new modalities and growing as a healer. Vansa has been an absolute delight to learn Thetahealing from. She is so warm and creates a beautiful atmosphere in class. She knows so much and doesn't hesitate to share it with us. I look forward to taking all the courses with here!"


"Hi Everyone! I love to repeat courses and every time it's a game changer and Vansa takes it to another level! Manifestation & abundance is course to be taken a repeated at least once. Both manifestation and intuitive abilities substantially improve and you gain a new level of confidence and mastery! Enjoying, learning and enhancing abilities is guaranteed and Vansa is not only ultra competent and fun but also an incomparable role model! "

Aliaa Farag

"Thank you Vansa for your wonderful and loving energy and way of teaching. It has been a beautiful, fun & an inspiring journey through Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing with you. Since the first day of class onwards, I've only been thinking in terms of magic & miracles and everything around me feels vibrating with love. It's been beautiful being part of your classes and part of this group & community. I am looking forward excitedly and delightedly to learning more courses with you. Thank you so much! Lots of love, lots of Blessings"

Priya Gurnani
Duba, UAE

"The You and Your Inner Circle class was an eye opening class ! It had helped me reflect on the patterns & situations that kept recurring in my relationships. In short it was magical and awesome. Thank u Vansa for making class so much fun and valuable. Every class is magical with you!"

Dubai, UAE

"Taking classes with Vansa is one of the most beautiful experiences I have had. Her warmth and wisdom in the field of energy healing is tremendous. She goes beyond the course material to share wisdom that is invaluable and so easily applicable. Every experience is profound with her. "

Abu Dhabi

"I took Dig Deeper after a pause of taking thetahealing classes. Wow, thats all I can say. I had a severe pain in my chest and after applying the digging tools I was training in, it went away. I am really growing quickly in this journey and Im enjoying every moment of it now. "


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