Laura Alejandra Hernandez

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science


+1 (281) 241-9818

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Acerca de mi

Through my Thetahealing® journey I have discovered a precious hidden treasure: Unconditional Love.
As I love myself, I heal myself and draw happiness and love into my life. As I love others and reach them through unconditional love I have witnessed amazing healings and transformations, and received the gift of being able to offer love to the world.

Credenciales adicionales

Industrial Engineering
Thetahealing® Practicioner, 2011
Thetahealing® Master, 2015
Thetahealing® Certificate of Science, 2016
Spiritual Life Coach, ICF
Divine Intellige® Process Facilitator
HeartMath® Facilitator
Licensed Ordained Minister at Universal Life Church, 2011
Advanced Student at Dr. Joe Dispenza, Since 2016
Panache Desai Initiation, 2016
BioNeuroemocion, by Enric Corbera


"Thetahealing came into my life when it was the right moment for it to come. Thanks to this "technique" I discovered the universe that exists behind my eyes, in my heart and in every cell of my body. I have learned to connect with my inner peace, to find the balance between giving and receiving unconditional love. It makes me very happy to help others through Thetahealing, it clear to me that by helping others I help myself. Knowing I am part of the "whole" and a participant in the common good, is the best gift I can give. Alejandra for me has been a great partner in this adventure to my healing. From her I learned to recognize the importance of unconditional love because that is what I have always received from her from the very moment I met her. Thanks for being infinite Ale .. In Lak'ech "

Valentina Castro
The Woodlands, TX

"Laura is an exceptionally special individual. I have had the gift of receiving healings and witness her teaching; her joy, kindness, and vibrant enthusiasm for the awakening and healings of her clients and students is inspiring. She is strong and brave as a healer and teacher, and I would recommend her classes or healing sessions to anyone who is looking to remember their own true potential. ThetaHealing® Master, MST. "

Amy J. Hellman

"Laura es una excelente maestra que desde el principio crea un ambiente de amor en el grupo. Da herramientas muy valiosas y sobre todo la confianza de que cada uno lo puede lograr. La felicito por su dedicación y amor con que lo que haces. Gracias por compartir."

Marisol Martinez
Irapuato, Guanajuato MEXICO

"Laura es una excelente maestra que desde el principio crea un ambiente de amor en el grupo. Da herramientas muy valiosas y sobre todo la confianza de que cada uno lo puede lograr. La felicito por su dedicación y amor con que lo que haces. Gracias por compartir."

Araceli Gonzalez
The Woodlands, TX

"My dear friend and teacher. It's a pleasure to have had the opportunity to take some seminars with you. You have taught me so much. Since taking your courses I have grown immensely my spirituality as I have understood all shared teaching. You have the ability to touch our hearts and enter our mind with passion and wisdom. You leave a print on all beings that you touch, hear and aid. Soon I'll be taking more of the wonderful courses that you have to share with us all. Blessings Infinite Light Peace and Love."

Denisse Ivone McCoY
Magnolia, TX

"Working with Laura reconnected me to my spirituality, and reminded me to believe once again in the power of All That There Is. The veil has been lifted and I intend to use it to my highest and best good. "

Angie Romero,
Katy, TX

"ThetaHealing have changed my life 100% !! Thanks Laura for supporting me in the process of removing deep beliefs that prevented me to believe in myself. Now I'm calmer, focused, and live without anxiety. Let go for more!"

Karina Romero
Katy, TX

"Laura, mí gran Thetaheler® Tengo un gran agradecimiento, a la vida por encontrar, a alguien como ella, que me acompañe en este camino de vida. Con su ayuda he aprendido a sanar y resolver mi presente y aunque caiga, me ha enseñado a volver a empezar con amor y compasión hacia mi Con ella es mucho más fácil el camino. Siempre que terminamos la sesión digo "Tomarla es llevar al alma al spa" No me cansare de darle las gracias al igual que Sofia y Emiliano "

Angelica Cabezas Ibáñez
Mexico D.F.

"Over the past months, I sometimes think about the amazing things that you have taught me. The information and your presentation style connected with me very much. You are someone in my life that I consider to be extremely special, in a good way. Thank you for your infinite love that you have sent me, in the midst of challenges I have had. You truly and authentically care. I love you and your service you have to offer the world. I thank you again because I am on a better path right now, and I will not forget what you have helped clear up for me, it is all a process and you (along with others) have helped me shift into this new process. Much Love, Jack"

Houston, TX
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